Friday, January 28, 2011

Quoting Alice Cooper on Demons - Huh?

I never thought the day would come that I would find myself quoting Alice Cooper on spiritual matters, but he recently said that he believes in the existence of demons because "Jesus spent half his time dealing with demons and throwing them out of people." Ha Ha. Man, that's refreshingly simple (He sounds like one of those followers of "the" Nazarene).

In our techno age, that (the above) is often frowned upon as the sentiments of a bygone era, the kind of thing the unsophisticated ancients held to. You know, "we are beyond such things now."

But you don't have to be in ministry long, especially ministry that proclaims the power of Christ and His cross over Satan's fallen kingdom (Col. 1:13), to find that there are forces that exist that will hinder your every move but for God, and some will come right from within the church or your ministry.

One of my theologies puts it this way:
"Much of our discernment of Satanic powers comes as we follow the Holy Spirit's guidance in mission and ministry. As we begin initiatives for the kingdom, events will turn in a direction precisely calculated to block our efforts. These events will often be enveloped in a cloud of lies, accusations and misunderstandings which is the devil's native atmosphere. If all this comes with an especially disabling power behind it. Satan is probably involved."
Did you happen to notice two key points in lives which will face (and discern) opposition in God's work?

1) They will be walking, by faith, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
2) They will be moving out for God. They will initiate things, by God's strength, for God. They will not merely be about transient, ephemeral things.

Walk in such a way for God and His cause, and this I'll promise you: You will see uniquely energized opposition (yea, baby!); you WILL draw the enemie's attention. Mark it down (While you're at it, study Christ and the opposition He faced as He "moved out" on God's Word, Matt. 3-4).

Paul, was just such a man who, Spirit-led, carried out great initiatives for God. And what did he find himself saying to the Thessalonians? "Satan hindered us," 1 Thess. 2:18. And that opposition did not mean he was out of God's will - just the opposite!

Brothers and sisters, if you do God's work God's way, you also will say with Alice Cooper, "I believe in demons." You'll meet 'em. I have.

The good news is, the God who is in us is greater than the opposition quartered against us (1 John. 4:1-4).

Have faith in God - Mark 11:22

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